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which is always on during the trip and will take
care of your comfort.

"free booking" - a navigator Garmin  if you
take a car for rent for at least 10 days you 

will get a gift  whic
h will guide you anywhere Travel
with us

is on 24 hours a day in your car and when you
activate the SOS signal we can find you anywhere.

on Cars if you rent a car from 3 to 7 dayas you
will get a discount of 5%  if you rent a car from
7 to 14 days you will get a discount of 8 % if
you rent a car from 14 to 30 days you wil
l get a discount of 11% Special Offer

Vechile insurance is determind by your wish. keep in mind! insurance determines the number of rented days of the car

The new service is "free driver" in the grounds of the cars come with only vehicle prices


Mercedes Benz Viano
toyota prius v hybrid
Toyota Prius Hybrid